New Space/New Times

So it has been over year. Kind of typical for news reports for recording studios, come to find out.

So the studio has moved just down the street to Urbana IL. 303 W Griggs. To be exact. There is a control room, live room, storage, and a lounge/extra recording space. I am always working to making it better, and I am already super proud of it. Over the last few months I’ve had to stop booking sessions, so I have been able to concentrate on updates.

Now I am back to booking single performer sessions. Vocals, Voice overs, Acoustic Guitar singer/songwriters. Stuff like that. It’s been really nice to have some new artists come in and start new relationships.

Obviously COVID is a huge set back for any recording studio. I am SO lucky to be able to take it in stride and be able to keep working, and life is fairly normal.

With booking sessions I am doing my best to stay socially distanced to the clients, wearing masks when needed and not giving big hugs after we have a crazy successful session. All mics stands and gear are being wiped down. It’s not as fun, that’s for sure, but we are making the best of every moment.

The next couple weeks 2 bigger projects are on the horizon. I can’t wait to tell you more!!

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