I guess I’m using this space as a news update for now, it’s been a while I know. Most notably is the potential of moving the operation out of my home. ToneGood has been in the basement of my family’s home for about 2 years now. Recording audio with a baby in the house is not easy. I’m unable to work late with clients who are potentially more comfortable at odd hours. There are a ton of small distractions that continue to pull me away from the work I should be doing. So with all that in mind sooner rather than later I’ll be moving to a studio space. A recording studio that’s not my basement. Now I just need to figure out what to do with my basement. Hmmph.

Recording is in full swing so far this Spring. BANDS!!! I love the amount of production and hip hop work I’ve had come through, it’s been the lifeblood of this studio. But recording ROCK BANDS is why I cannot quit doing this. And I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dead End Lights over at Earth Analog. They knocked out 9 songs in 2 days. I LOVE THAT SH*T. We have a few overdubs we’ll do here at ToneGood, then we’ll mix and master and release!!!! Love it!!

I have a couple more sessions coming up at Earth this spring and early summer. It is by far and away the most affordable full scale recording studio- analog or digital- in the state if not the midwest. It delivers a great experience. Contact me if you have interest in getting in there.

That’s a lot of info on what I’ve been up to recording-wise lately IMO. We shall commence again.

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