Studio Gear

Here are some items I use to get the job done…


  • Yamaha M1516- 16 wonderful preamps/EQ. Great signal flow and flexibility for the more tactile, hands on approach.


  • Genelec M040 6.5″ monitors– My go to monitoring. Bottom loaded port helps with reflection issues. Not flat, but not overly characteristic. Easy to mix at low volumes.
  • Avantone MixCube- For monitoring in Mono.
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Studio Headphones– My go to headphones. Great feel and won’t fatigue your ears fast. Show off panning and high frequencies well.
  • Audio Technica M30 Studio Headphones– “Real world” headphones great to get an idea of what everyday listeners will hear.
  • AKG K44 Studio Headphones– Mostly used for headphone mixes while tracking.
  • AKG K52 Studio Headphones– Also used for headphone mixes while tracking.


Dynamic Microphones

  • Shure SM7b Dynamic Microphone– A classic that is dry, but real sounding. Sounds great on loud male vocals, guitar cabs, and heck, I’ll place it over a hi-hat sometimes. Oh yea, and it’s made as a broadcast mic. So I use it for Podcast production.
  • Shure Beta 57 Dynamic Microphone- Guitar cabs galore. Pairs well with a ribbon on guitar cabs capturing higher mid frequencies accurately.
  • Electro-Voice RE320 Dynamic Microphone– Sounds great on kick drums, bass guitar cab and vocals. Also used for Podcast production.
  • Blue enCore100 Dynamic Microphone (2)– I wanted to get something that was not an SM57. So I got 2 of these. Actually sound good on bottom snare drum and guitar cabs.
  • Audix D2 Dynamic Microphone (3)– These little fellas live on top snare, and toms. Also will find some work on guitar cabs.
  • Audix D6 Dynamic Microphone– A kick drum standard, that will also do a great job in front of a bass cab.
  • Sennheiser e609– Loud guitar amps mostly. High SPL allowance and great high mids. Great pairing with a ribbon mic on guitar amps.
  • Electro Voice 635a/b (2)- Omnidirectional mics. I tend to like these as room mics, and overheads.

Ribbon Microphones

  • sE Voodoo VR1 (2)– Sound lovely on guitar amps, acoustic guitars, and drum overheads and room mics. Dark and rich but not muddy.

Condenser Microphones

  • Rode NTG2– Mostly used in the field, for interviews and for Foley. Also great on acoustic guitar, and drum overheads.
  • Sterling ST31 (2)– Yep. Cheap Guitar Center mics. But they sound fantastic, and I have yet to find a FET microphone that blows them out of the water. They sound awesome on acoustic guitar and drum overheads.
  • sE2200 (2)– A fantastic sounding cardioid. Tons of top end, but not shrill. Piano, Vocals, Overheads…very diverse mic!
  • sE RN17- Pencil condenser with a big ole transformer in it. Matt Talbott told me these microphones were black magic, so i bought one ASAP. Acoustic guitar, and overhead from drums.
  • Chandler TG Microphone- Whoah. Electronics from the EMI mastering desk at Abby Road thrown into the body of the mic to give it added harmonics and tube-like tones. Vocals, drums, guitars, bass…you name it!


  • Universal Audio Unison Preamp (4)– Capture the famous tonality of every in-demand mic pre on the face of the Earth. Times 4.
  • CAPI VP26- API-ish tone that will give in to harmonics a little faster. DRUMS!
  • Focusrite ISAtwo– 2 Channels derived from the Rupert Neve made ISA console built for Sir George Martin like 700 years ago. Insane head room with low noise.
  • Manley Core– My go to vocal channel strip. Tube mic pre with ELOP Compressor, Baxandall EQ and brick wall limiter.


  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo– Sample rates up to 192khz to make you creations sound like they are from the future. Dual headphone outputs and two instrument inputs. Industry standard in professional studios, so I bought one and put it in mine.
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo- Same as the Apollo 8 just less inputs and outputs.
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16- Welp, now we have 24 simultaneous tracks, with the addition of this.


  • DBX 560A (2)– Very versatile compressors that will also work great as limiters. Live on kick and snare drum, and do a great job on male vocals.
  • Warm Audio EQP-WA- Pultec tone and control. Sounds great on kick, bass, and vocal.
  • Kush Audio Electra (2)– Whoa. These things are cool. Sweepable band EQ with tons of vibe. For tracking I use them on stereo room mics. I send the drum buss through them, and also use them for mastering.


  • Fender TC-90 Telecaster.
  • Fender Deluxe Telecaster.
  • 1960’s Rogers Snare
  •  Moog Micromoog fully refurbished by McCallister Audio.
  • Traynor TS-20 Vintage Solid State Guitar Amp
  • Fender Princeton Reverb w/ 12″ Jensen Speaker
  • Many effect pedals including 00’s Memory Man Deluxe, Pedal Monster Klon Klone, and more.
  • Knabe Upright Piano
  • Steinway Vertegrand Upright Piano
  • Pearl Export Drum Kit
  • 1960’s Slingerland Drum Kit
  • Arturia DrumBrute
  • Fender Rhodes piano
  • Korg Minilogue synth
  • Ampeg B-25 Bass amp
  • If you have any special requests I can get my hands on just about anything. Trust me.


  • Pro Tools Latest Version
  • Ableton 9
  • Reason 10