So, You Think You’re Ready to Record?

I record a lot of folks. I am ever-grateful for them to come to me to help them create. I want to record the very best product I can for them- but that takes some effort on their part too. Here is a list of things you may want to think about before you record.

  1. What can I do to prepare?

PRACTICE. Come prepared. Even if you are entering completely prepared, there will be hiccups. It’s going to happen. If you have demos, send them to me. I can help find trouble spots (tempo, signature changes, harmonies, etc) that way.

2. What am I doing with the songs I’m recording?

Are you putting together an album? A mixtape? A single? Recording for a music video? These things sometimes can affect the way I record your project. You need to think of your recordings as a cohesive idea- and that needs to be easily translated by your audience. The clearer picture you have of what you want the better I work toward the common goal with you.

3. What is my roll?

Am I just setting up mics, hitting record, and keeping my mouth shut otherwise? Am I taking on any production roll? Am I tracking/mixing/and mastering? These are things I need to know.

4. How long with it take to record my project?

There are some general rules of thumb out there. You can usually count on it taking longer than what you expected, at some point in the recording process. Your bass player broke a string, and we have to send a runner to go get more. There’s a half hour gone. Drummer breaks a head, same thing. Vocalist loses their voice. Something will happen, and it will take up some of your time.
If you want copies of your songs every time you finish that takes time.
You want to eat food? That takes time. The best you can do is expect delays, and be ok with them when the occur. This will help morale to stay up, or at least even.

5. Does time=money?

Eh, kind of. If it is a bigger project I like to figure out an “all-in” budget before we even start. That way, we aren’t watching the clock and we can concentrate on the important stuff.
If you just book a 2 hour block, then we need to be a little more wary of time. I may have a session booked right after yours, and we need to be respectful of other people’s time.

Hey! That was fun. There are probably longer lists out there that will help you prepare for studio recording- I advise you look at those as well.



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