2 Year update… I guess

Hey we made it back. The studio has been super busy- look us up on Instagram and Facebook! We built out a wonderful new tracking space in the studio. Very live sounding. It’s green.

Austin the intern is now taking on his own set of clients and sessions. You should reach out to him. He’s good.

As always freelance engineers are welcome here. Austin or I will be there to get wheels turning for you, then once you’re comfy we’ll get out of your hair.

Please take a look around the website. There are some new pictures and more info. I’m going to try and do a better job at making it more interactive and simply more up to date. It’s hard. I’m busy. I know you understand. Thanks for that.

Jeff from Vaudevileins just wrapped vocals and guitar last weekend. Let me just say that band/those people are fantastic. Do what you must to see/meet them, within reason of course.

Hot Cops! are back next weekend for another round of a half dozen songs or so. These are old friends and they are a joy. They made “cocktails” last time by which I mean vodka and energy drinks. I’ll stick to my 8 pack of unpronounceable flavored La Croix, thank you. Eh maybe I’ll do one.

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